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Mose Vauquelin (16..? - 167.?)

(also called Moses Vanclein) He was a Frenchman, a native of Normandy, who became a buccaneer about the year 1650. He was part of a fleet fitted out and manned at Tortuga under the command of the buccaneer L'Ollonais. The fleet of L'Ollonais was also able to capture and plunder the cities of Maracaibo and Gibraltar in 1666. L'Ollonais also plundered the harbour city Puerto de Cavallo and the town of San Pedro in 1667.

After having captured a Spanish ship in the neighbourhood of the coast of Yucatan his fleet split up. Mose Vauquelin, captain of a ship captured at Puerto de Cavallo, (probably) left together with Pierre le Picard. Picard also commanded a ship of his own. Vauquelin sailed (in 1668) for the town Veraguas on the coast of Costa Rica. The town was captured and plundered by him. Afterwards Vauquelin made an attempt to capture the town of Nata nearby. He did not succeed this time. Esquemeling provides a brief description on pages 79 and 80 of his book The Buccaneers Of America.

Not long after this, he lost his ship. He embarked on board a privateer from France, commanded by Chevalier du Plessis, in 1668. After the death of its captain in the same year he was elected captain. Near the port of Havana he took a rich prize that was loaded with Cacao, and he returned to the Isle of Tortuga. In 1670, at the request of the Vice-Admiral of France Jean d'Estrées, he wrote an account of the coasts of Honduras and Yucatan, together with another French buccaneer: Philippe Bequel.

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Part of the information as well as the sources were provided by Raynald Laprise.

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