The Lives and Deaths of the

two moft Famous Englifh Pirats, of that age
wherein they lived , (In the time of
Queene E l i z a b e t h :)
Purfer and Clinton

Together with the particul actions of their
Taking, and undertakings.

Chap. I. Of the power of Juftice.

Letter JUstice is a vertue that giveth no
man any or the leaft priviledge to
defraude another, of which he may
call his owne ; befides fhe is figu-
red like a Virgin, who giveth to all
men what is theirs, by even and equall propor-
tions : The Philofophers make foure forts
thereof ; the firft they call
Cæleftial which
is Divine, the fecond
Naturall, which confifteth
of [?] our felves; the third
Civell; the fourth Judi-

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