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Privateers and Pirates

A8a: Don Antonio Maldonado de Texeda
Privateer who commanded a Spanish fleet that included two generals of the Brazil fleet: Don Juan de Vega Basan and Don Rodrigo Lobo. The fleet sailed from the city of Cartagena to Providence Island and attacked the English colony in June 1640. Their attack was repelled by the colonists. Afterwards what remained of the fleet returned to Cartagena.

A6: Edward Mansvelt

A6: Willem van der Marck

A7: Gerrit van Meeckeren

AA1 Eduard Morgan

A8: Erasmus Muller
Dutch privateer in the 18th century. Sold one of the prizes he captured, together with Jan Lens, on 31 July 1705 in Amsterdam. The prize consisted of a flute with the name Stad Bordeaux. The cargoe was: 1300 dry hides, 340 casks of sugar, 50 casks of cocoa and 50 Ceroenen (? = Dutch) Cocoa.

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