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Privateers and Pirates

AF: Nathaniel Jackson
One of Captain Edward Teach's (=Blackbeard) pirate crew. He was killed at North Carolina in 1718.

AE: William Jackson
English privateer in the service of the Providence Island Company from 1639 - 1640/41. He captured a Spanish slave ship at the port of Trujillo in Honduras which he ransomed for 8000 pounds of Indigo, 2000 pieces of eight and two gold chains. Afterwards Jackson sailed to England where he sold sugar and indigo to buy supplies for another privateering expedition. From 1642 to 1645 he sailed with a letter of marque from the Earl of Warwick. He commanded a fleet that included the privateers Samuel Axe, William Rous and Lewis Morris. During this voyage the fleet also attacked and conquered the island Jamaica (maybe this privateer is the same person as the pirate William Jackson?).

AF: William Jackson
Pirate who in 1642 gathered together a crew of more than a thousand buccaneers in the islands of St. Kitts and Barbadoes, and sailed with these in three ships to the Spanish main, plundering Maracaibo and Truxillo. On March 25th, 1643, Jackson's little fleet dropped anchor in the harbour, what was afterwards to be known as Kingston, in the Island of Jamaica, which was then still in the posession of Spain. Landing 500 of his men, he attacked the town of St. Jago de la Vega, which he took after a hard fight and with the loss of some forty of his men. For sparing the town from fire he received a ransom from the Spaniards of 200 beeves, 10.000 pounds of cassava bread, and 7.000 pieces of eight. The English sailors were so delighted by the beauty of the island that in one night twenty-three of them deserted to the Spaniards. (The pirate William Jackson could be the same person as the privateer William Jackson).

AU: Jan Jacobsen (15.. - 1622)
He's a seventeenth century privateer in the service of Spain. In October 1622 he sailed on the St. Vincent together with two Spanish privateers. They were commanded by Pedro de la Plesa and Juan Garcia. When he sailed out of Oostende he was spotted immediately by a Dutch ship. The yacht, who's Captain was Jacob Volckertzoon Vinck, cut his mooring lines and joined the fleet commanded by the Dutch Admiral Harman Kleuter. He immediately set out to capture the privateer from Duinkerken. He was joined by the squadron of the commander Lambert Hendrikszoon of Den Briel when he attacked Jacobsen. The Spanish commanders judged it wiser to try to escape the 9 attacking ships, but Jacobsen apparantly decided to hold out, or protect their retreat. In a prolonged battle he managed to sink the ship of Captain Quast that had the commander of the fleet, Harman Kleuter, on board. After sinking the ship of the Vice-admiral Kleuter he was forced to stop the fight, because too many of his crew were dead or wounded and he himself had also sustained terrible wounds. He refused to surrender and gave the order to light a fuse to the gunpowder room. Only 25 of his crew were rescued from the water. 22 of these were found guilty of piracy and hanged in the cities Rotterdam and Enkhuizen.

AV: Mahieu Jacobsen
Privateer in the service of Spain at the end of the 16th and at the beginning of the 17th century. In January 1599 he seized several ships and ransomed 13 fishermen who were brought to Duinkerken. Another 14 fishermen were ransomed and brought to Duinkerken by Jacobsen in Feruary 1599. He and his ship were part of a fleet of 12 privateers that attacked a Dutch fleet of fishing-vessels near the Scottish coast on 14 August 1600. 25 fishing-boats were burned and sunk. After several privateer ships left on their own, the rest of the fleet, 7 vessels, continued attacking Dutch fishing-boats in the Noordzee.
A Dutch fleet of 5 vessels, under the command of captain Arie Cornelisz. Cruijk, was sent to attack the privateers from Duinkerken. Near the Isle of Vlieland the privateers were sighted and chased. Some of the privateers were chased away and sailed to Dieppe and the coast of Spain. The rest of the privateers were chased and engaged near Duinkerken.Jacob Collaart and his ship were captured in sight of the port Duinkerken. The ships of Jasper Rombouts and Mahieu Jacobsen were run aground on a beach near Duinkerken.

AU: Michiel Jacobsen

AA1 Bartholomeus de Jager
Privateer and captain of a ship in 1655. In 1655 he captured the vessel the Consciencia. In October, at the Antillen, he met another Dutch privateer called Cornelis Janszoon van de Velde. He had attacked two Portuguese merchant ships and near the Isle of Fernando Noronha he had managed to capture one of these ships. Part of the cargoe of the Consciencia (sugar) was transported on board the Portuguese vessel that van de Velde had captured. Another part was transported on board the ship the Salamander. After this they sailed for the Dutch Republic to sell their prizes.

AVa: Hillebrandt Janszoon

Dutch privateer in the service of the Dutch West Indies Company in 1624. Was captain of the ship the Eendracht which was part of a squadron under the command of Pieter Schouten.

AVa: Willem Jansen
Dutch privateer who commanded a ship that had 8 cannons and over 60 crewmen. He and his ship were part of a fleet of 12 privateers that sailed from Duinkerken in 1600. They attacked a Dutch fleet of fishing-vessels near the Scottish coast on August 14. 25 fishing-boats were burned and sunk. After several privateer ships left on their own, the rest of the fleet, 7 vessels, continued attacking Dutch fishing-boats in the Noordzee. On 19 August the fleet again attacked several fishing-boats. After this raid he returned with his vessel to the port of Duinkerken.
In 1602 his ship was part of a squadron that tried to sail from Duinkerken despite a large blockade of 17 Dutch war-ships. He managed to leave the port without being noticed, as did the ship of Michiel Jacobsen, but the third ship was not so lucky. This vessel, commanded by Andries Dirksen, was chased and run aground on the beach near Nieuwpoort.

AA1 Aldert Janssen
Captain of a privateer that attacked a pirate ship that was sailing from Algiers in 1655. He attacked the ship together with two other Dutch privateers. He was killed during the fighting, but the corsairs eventually lost the battle. They were captured and sold at Cadiz to the Spaniards who used them for rowing their Spanish galleons.

AW: Jan Janszoon

AX: Nicolas Jarry

AX1 Cornelis Jol
Privateer in the servce of the Dutch West Indies Company. He had the nickname Houtebeen because he had lost part of one leg. He got a similar nickname from the Portuguese: Pie de Palo . He was born in the city of Scheveningen. In 1641 he died of a fever at the island of San Thomé.

AY: John Paul Jones
The Scot Jones (1747 - 1792) was a privateer in the service of America against the British during the War of Independence between Great Britain and its American Colonies that began in 1775. In 1778 he was the captain of the ship Ranger. In that same year he captured the British man-of-war Drake. In 1779 he captured the British frigate Serapis. At that time he was captain of the vessel Bonhomme Richard. The fourth English war (1780 - 1784) broke out because the British were convinced of the Dutch Republic's involvement after finding contraband goods. Pierre Le Turcq served under Jones before he sailed on a commission against English ships for the Dutch Republic in 1781.

AYa: Dirk Jorissen
Jorissen was a Dutch privateer with a letter of Marque from Spain. He captured three ships in 1599. He ransomed the steersmen of all three fishing-boats and brought them to the port of Duinkerken.

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