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Privateers and Pirates

AR: Cornelis Janszoon de Haan
Dutch privateer in the seventeenth century. Captain of a men-of-war that was engaged with two privateers from Duinkerken on 19 April 1633.

AS: Pieter Hamers
18th century Dutch privateer. see Cornelis Gerrits

AT: Boudewijn Hendrikszoon

AT: Piet Heyn

ATa Robert Holmes
English privateer in the service of the Royal African Company (founded by the Duke of York) between 1665 and 1670. He attacked several Dutch colonies in Africa with a fleet consisting of two men-of-war and six frigates. He also attacked and plundered the Dutch colonies on the Islands of Tobago and St. Eustasius.

ATb: Willem Pietrszoon Hoppesacq
Dutch privateer who was active from Duinkerken. He was captain on board a fly-boat. He offered his services to the Dutch and French governments when they planned a combined attack on Duinkerken in 1595. He was uncovered on 30 April of this year, however, and was beheaded several weeks later in Duinkerken.

ATc: Pieter Adriaanszoon Ita

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