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Privateers and Pirates

AG: Sussex Camock
English privateer who sailed for several years in the service of the Earl of Warwick. In 1627 he was badly wounded during a battle when he commanded the ship Little Neptune as part of a fleet that attacked the Portuguese part of Spain in the West Indies. He discovered the Island of Providence and the island San Andreas when he sailed together with captain Daniel Elfrith in 1625 on a privateering commission. During that voyage Camock commanded the Bark Warwicke & Somer Islands and Elfrith the ship Robert. In the service of the Providence Island Company he was a merchant and trader during 1633 and 1634. In 1635 he operated from a base at the Cape Gracias a Dios for the PIC. In 1636 he became the Governor of Landguard Fort in England.

AGa: Jacques Cassard
French privateer who was active in the first quarter of the eighteenth century. In 1709 he attacked and plundered the Island of St. Eustatius. In 1713 he attacked this same island again. This time he did not plunder it, but ransomed it for an amount of 10.000 guilders.

AE: Gregoria de Castellar y Mantilla
Spanish privateer in command of the fleet that was ordered to attack the Isle of Providence in July 1635. He sailed with his fleet to the island and first anchored outside the harbour of New Westminster. He sent a letter to the Governor of the island in which he demanded the surrender of the English colony. After receiving a refusal to this demand he decided to attack the North-Eastern side of the island. This area of the island did not have much defencemechanisms, but the colonists hurriedly dragged some cannons to the area and were able to repel the Spanish attack.

Aga: Jan Claasen
Dutch privateer in the service of Spain in 1599. He sailed from the port of Duinkerken. He attacked several fishing-boats and brought a number of steersmen to Duinkerken where they awaited the payment of their ransom by family members or government officials. In November of the same year he narrowly managed to escape being captured when his ship was attacked and sunk by Dutch men-of-war near Duinkerken.

AF: Eloi Colaert
Also known as Eloi Collaart. He was a privateer in the service of Spain. He was active in the years 1583 and 1585 from Duinkerken. The ship that he used was a fly-boat.

AG: Jacques Colaert

AGb: Jacob Collaart

Aga: Mahieu Collaart
Privateer from Duinkerken in the service of Spain. His ship was attacked and taken in November 1599. He and part of his crew managed to avoid being taken, though. In 1601 he was active again and managed to take many fishing-boats. Dozens of steersmen were ransomed by him. He attacked several ships in 1602 and ransomed 6 steersmen, who were brought to Duinkerken.

Aga: Roel Collaart
Privateer from Duinkerken in the service of Spain. In the second half of 1599 he captured several ships and ransomed 14 fishermen. In August 1600 he sailed as part of a fleet that attacked the Dutch fishing-fleet near the coast of Scotland. He and his ship were (probably) captured in 1601. He and his crew may have been taken to the island of Texel where they were executed. The ships´ surgeon managed to escape this fate with the help of fishermen and travelled via Den Briel back to Vlaanderen.

AH: Claes Gerritszoon Compaen

AI: Daniël Cornelissen
Privateer active in the years 1583 and 1585 from Duinkerken. He had a letter of Marque from the Spaniards and used a fly-boat.

AIa: Laurens Cortsen
Privateer active in 1601 from the port of Duinkerken. In this year he was captured and he and his vessel were taken to Brielle.

AJ: Willem Credo

AA: Abraham Crijnssen

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