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Privateers and Pirates

AA: Jan Andriessen
Dutch privateer in the eighteenth century. Captain of the yacht the Fortuyn between 1701 and 1719.

AB: Assan Reis
Alias: Meinart Dircxsen, family of De Veenboer. Captain on board of one of the three ships that were commanded by Jan Janszoon on 29 May 1620. On that day they met a Dutch merchant ship that managed to scare the corsairs off by pretending to be a Dutch man-of-war on a commission to capture privateers.

AC: Assan Reis
Alias: Jan Marinus van Sommelsdijk. Corsair who was active in the 17th century. Attacked a Dutch ship on 7 March 1626, called the St. Jan Babtista and captained by Jacob Jacobsen of Ilpendam.

AD: Assan Trompetter
Seventeenth century corsair. Attacked by a Dutch Man-of-war and executed at sea.

AE: Samuel Axe
In 1635 accepted Dutch letters of Marque without orders to do so from the Providence Island Company. From 1636 to 1641 privateer in the service of this English company. Brought a rich prize to England in May 1640. The prize included gold,silver, jewels, Indigo and Cochineal. After the attack on Providence Island and its capture by the Spaniards the PIC ceased to exist. Axe was part of a privateer fleet that sailed in the West Indies from 1642 - 1645. During this voyage the fleet managed to attack and conquer the Island of Jamaica.

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