Picture of an Old Book
John Esquemeling:
Optie 1.: The Buccaneers of America

The Lives and Deaths of the Two English Pyrats Purser, and Clinton:
Optie 2.1: Book 1
Optie 2.2: Book 2

Andrew Barker:
Optie 3.: A Report of Captaine Ward and Danseker, Pirates

't Begin, Midden en eynde ...
Optie 4.: 't Begin, midden en eynde der zee-roveryen van den alderfameusten zee-rover Claas G. Compaan van Oost-Zanen in Kennemer-land, vervattende zyn wonderlyke, vreemde Lands schadelyke dryftogten...
For this book I used the fonts Schwaben Alt and JSL Blackletter
The Dutch original is almost completely available. The copy that I used for these webpages had some 4 pages missing (page 41 - 44). Instead I have used the text of the 1910 edition for these pages.

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