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CCS Headquarters

The CCS is headed by Eric Ellen (Executive Director), founder of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), and a former Chief Constable of the Port of London Police.

Members of the Board:

Eric Ellen
Yung Fa Chang
Tawfiq Kawar
Hans Jacob Kruse
W.A. O'Neil
Michael Peraticos
J.C. Rouher
Roy Salley

Secretary to the Board - Jayant Abhyankar

Offices in United Kingdom:

Maritime House, 1 Linton Road
Barking, Essex 1G11 8HG (UK)
Tel. (44)(0)181 591 30 00; Fax (44)(0)181 594 28 33
Telex (51) 8956492 IMBLDN G

Offices in Malaysia:

Miss Beverley Brown, Manager
IMB Far East Regional Office (Malaysia)
16.03 A. Wisma Nusantara, Jalan Punchak - 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. (603) 201 0014 / 238 5763; Fax (603) 238 5769
Telex MA 31880 IMBPCI

This office is a representative office and covers the activities of the IMB, CIB AND CCB. It also has a Regional Piracy Centre which monitors the extent of Piracy in the Region and warns ships of areas to avoid.

The Centre also collates information on piracy world-wide.

The Piracy Centre is supported by voluntary contributions from the shipping industry.

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