thy and fingular good friend Mafter

T. I. thefe faithfull com-

( * * * )

Ir, a farre greater happines then I of late
haue had, either leifure to hope for, or
means to expect; I commend to your
good felfe,& the frends of our acquain-
tance. Being certified by my affection,
that your gentle nature, doth commi-
ferat the miffortunes hath befalne me , and therein as a
friend, doth fhare with mee in forrow : I fhall as foone
as occafion will fuffer me, make haft to London, to bee
counfelled by your advife , touching thofe things in
particular, that mainly concerne my eftate : Nor make
I any doubt, but before the receipt hereof, you have
heard of my mifhap, from the report of fome of my men
who I hope, are arrived by paffage, by the way of Holland:
therefore I omit herein to trouble you with the maner of
my firft taking by the Turkes , whofe governours, I
meane Mafters & Pilates, are all Englifhmen, not onely
Pirates, but mearely reprobates, and whofe fucceffe at
Seas is fo great, that it is moft lamentable to report, how
many Ships of London, and other parts of England, have
beene taken and made prey vnto them: without the help
of which Englifh, the Turks by no means could have go-
verned and conducted them through their vnskilfulnes
and infufficiencie in the art of Navigation: yet of late to
my wofull experience, I can witnes, they have beene fo
readied by the inftruction of our apoftate countrimen,
[I meane of Ward and others, who have beene their
commanders] to tackle their Ships, to man and man-
nage a fight, that if it doe not pleafe God to move the
heart of his Maieftie, and other Chriftian Princes, and


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