A T R U E A N D C E R T A I N E R E- port of the Beginning, Proceedings, Overthrowes, and now prefent Eftate of Cap- taine Ward and Danseker, the two late famous Pirates : from their firft fetting foorth to this prefent time.

AS ALSO The Firing of 25. Saile of the Tunis, men of warre : Together with the death of divers of W A R D S chiefe Captaines.

Published by Andrew Barker Mafter of a Ship,

who was taken by the Confederates of Ward, and by them fome time detai- ned Prifoner.

Picture of a battle


Printed by William Hall, and are to be fold by Iohn Helme at his fhop in S. Dunftans Church-yard. 1609.

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